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June 23, 2007
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Satsujinki by RoninsUltramix Satsujinki by RoninsUltramix
A collaboration between :icon5deadly: and :iconrave8259:

Satsujinki Datenshi
Weapons & Equipment: Bachi and Goubatsu
Style: Yajuu Banshi
Sponsors: Solex and Tochiba

Height: 6’ 7”

One of the most feared fighters in the S.D.L. Satsujinki was born a warrior. Standing 6 feet tall at the age of 14 joined the private army of Yakuza Oyabun- Higami Gokoro.

By the age of 18 Satsu was Mr. Gokoro’s Personal bodyguard and most trusted enforcer. It was Mr. Gokoro who asked Satsujinki to enter the S.D.L. and after winning his first match Sponsors lined up to make Young Gangster offers.

The Armorers of Tochiba made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. But Solex, Solex was personal. Solex guarantees its blades will never break…No one has ever broken a Solex blade…that is except for Satsujinki. When Satsujinki broke his first Solex Blade, the master blacksmith who crafted the weapons committed seppuku out of shame. When he broke his second blade the company shutdown for 2 weeks for “training”. Now Solex has a special team that sees to the crafting of his Blades. He’s on his 3rd blade Goubatsu and Solex's reputation hangs in the balance.

Satsujinki’s Yajuu Banshi style is an embodiment of his soul coldblooded, merciless and overwhelming. He has obliterated every opponent who has dared to face him. Many opponents Pay “tributes” to Oyabun Gokoro just to forego a match. On numerous occasions Satsu has publicly challenged Gin Kenshiro but his challenges have seemed to fall on deaf ears.
Satsujinki (devilish homicide)
Datenshi (fallen angel)
Bachi (curse, retribution)
Goubatsu (eternal punishment)

Yajuu (monster)
Banshi (certain death)
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KingAce34 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2008
def a cool character design and polished story for the character. luv the colors on him 2. what media was it done in. looks like flash but cant really tell.
RoninsUltramix Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008
i used vector shading in photoshop, thats why it looks like i made it in flash
KingAce34 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008
nice.. i havnt used vector shading in photoshop much. maybe i need to mess around with it and see wat i can do.
TheBlackApostole Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2008  Student Digital Artist
alix-777 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008
I love it
NiclasSoberg Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2008
Pretty neat, I would say
Blues-on10 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2008
Thats one crazy looking Warrior, I dont even think MY warrior Blue can take him... I mean look at him!, he's holdin to big ass swords! Blue only knows Capoiera with Muy Thai and has a Big Barrel Revolver!, Blue will be in the butcher chop by then! :XD: but still a cool lookin Warrior.
TheN0mad Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2008  Student General Artist
he looks kinda like akuma crossed with tengu on sterioids lo, still thats flipping scary man id hate to see that guy on the other side of the ring
still the over all look of the drawing is amazing, its screeams far eastern style but still has that kinda melleo feel to it
the pose is perfect and sends that "im going to kill you if you touch me" message, not to mention the costume design is beyond cool, and his backstory is one i would love to watch in an anime or somthing
Mailus Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008
the designs and colors are both badass...Looks killer (I bet it is)
CubeBOSs Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2008
woah awesome look and from his background this guy isn't meant to be messed with. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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